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Women's Health/Fertility

Acupuncture has been shown through numerous studies to greatly improve pregnancy rates for those undergoing IVF. Studies have shown anywhere from a 40% – 91% increase in success rates of patients who received Acupuncture in adjunct with traditional Western medical practices.

Ideally, Acupuncture should be started 3 to 6 months before commencing an IVF cycle. This allows time for the body to respond to the treatment, for imbalances to correct, cycles to be regulated, and the effects of stress to be mitigated. Remember, the egg that is ovulated each month started developing three months before. If egg quality is an issue, earlier treatment is better than later. Often the result will be natural conception, removing the need for IVF, but it also prepares the ground for a greater probability of IVF success if necessary.

Acupuncture can help with a myriad of concerns for those undergoing IVF. It can reduce stress, balance hormone levels, increase thickness of the uterine lining, improve egg quality, offset drug reactions, increase the flow of blood to the reproductive organs and many other things. It is a very safe and effective medicine. In fact, many fertility clinics are now employing acupuncturists in-house.

Yes. Everything that you eat plays a role in your fertility. Eating regular meals and avoiding blood sugar drops with symptoms such as irritability or gnawing hunger is very important. Be sure to eat small, well-rounded meals throughout the day. Increasing dark leafy greens, lightly steamed veggies, whole grains and organic meats in your diet will increase your vitality. It is best to avoid caffeine, including green teas and cocoa, and limit your intake of dairy and sugar. All of these small steps can optimize your fertility and increase your overall health and wellness.

Yes! Acupuncture is a wonderful solution to address all the changing concerns a woman experiences during pregnancy. Acupuncture can help nausea, bloating, constipation, pain, fatigue, balance hormones, it can help to prevent miscarriage and many other symptoms. Acupuncture has even helped to turn breech babies into their proper birthing position and prepare a woman for a successful delivery.

Yes. Acupuncture can help with male infertility. More and more studies are showing that sperm quality greatly influences the health of the embryo and affects the overall success and vitality of pregnancy. Acupuncture can improve sperm count, sperm quality and in general, male virility.



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